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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Jeux de réflexion dbpro complet de 10 niveaux : Cubitrix

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Joined: 26th Jul 2018
Posted: 20th Sep 2018 20:54
Jeu gratuit de 10 niveaux en 3d vu du dessus. Windows xp , vista , 7 , 8 et 10. Pour Windows 10 mettre le jeu en mode comptabilité automatique. Post du fichier source si demande par personne intéressée.


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Bored of the Rings
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Joined: 25th Feb 2005
Location: Middle Earth
Posted: 21st Sep 2018 11:11
thanks for the zip, this is English speaking forum only though. I translated the subject as "Puzzle games dbpro full of 10 levels: Cubitrix".
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Derek Darkly
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2011
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Posted: 22nd Sep 2018 14:32
Runs well on my windows XP machine!

I strongly recommend you get an English version out as well. It could greatly increase the attention to your project.
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