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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Nomad mod's gas lamp problem

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Joined: 16th Mar 2018
Posted: 25th Sep 2018 16:49
Hi, i'm building a dark level and i want to add some "gas lamps" from nomad mod. They are classic ww2 gas lamps modified with shaders and a specific script (attachlighttoentity.fpi).
If i put 8/9 lamps around a house (not so big) they don't work all the time but they stop making light if i move away from them (like 5 meters). They work only if i'm very close or if i pick up them.
I tried to make them "always active" and it work but only on a single casual lamp, the others don't work at all, also if i pick up them.

I'm using FPSC x9 1.20 with black ice mod.


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Posted: 26th Sep 2018 11:03
Carloquiga Yes, the problem your having is a known issue with Fpsc and dynamic lights. I have been able to use
maybe two dynamic light markers and one or two more of the mod's "attachlighttoentity" at once, but that's it.
DX9 does have a limit for dynamic lights, about 6 or 8 I think? You can use more than that, just not all at once.
The solution is to work with Static lights and only use the Dynamic where needed.
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Joined: 16th Mar 2018
Posted: 26th Sep 2018 14:51
Thanks for the answer, i'll use few dynamic light and i'll make the others static!
uzi idiot
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Posted: 14th Oct 2018 19:22
Black Ice Mod only supports 1 moving dynamic light at a time, so only the closest light will render. However it can have 4 unmoving dynamic lights of you need them
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