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AppGameKit Chat / [STICKY] AppGameKit Version 2018.10.10

Paul Johnston
TGC Developer
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Joined: 16th Nov 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 10th Oct 2018 16:14
I've uploaded a new version to Steam and the TGC downloads area with the following changes

* Added GetCharBuffer and GetCharBufferLength to return any text entered on physical keyboards since then command was last called
* Add GetRawJoystickSlider and GetRawJoystickPOV to support additional features on joysticks
* Increased the number of joystick buttons to 64
* Added support for more keyboard keys on Windows and Linux, including left/right shift/ctrl/alt keys and distinguishing between numpad and top row number keys
* Updated the scan code list at for the new list of keys
* Fixed edit boxes flickering if the edit box width was less than the width of two characters
* Added CopyNetworkMessage command to copy a network message so that it can be resent
* Fixed audio failing to play on some iOS devices after sleeping the device with a magnetic cover
* Fixed some 3DS models failing to load on ARM devices
* Fixed GetPushNotificationToken sometimes returning an empty string on Android, you will now need to call SetPushNotificationKeys for it to work
* Fixed OpenToWrite on Android failing to create the necessary folders on some devices and failing to create the file
* Fixed GetHTTPFile on Android failing to create the necessary folders on some devices and failing to create the file
* Changed GetInternetState on iOS to better detect the lack of network connectivity
* Fixed sounds on iOS sometimes failing to play if the app is sent to the background and then resumed
* Fixed installing new versions of AppGameKit over old versions on Windows causing APK export errors
* Fixed GetDeviceID on Android sometimes returning an empty string
* Added the option to add a URL scheme during Android and iOS export, so that the exported app can be opened by a browser link
* Added GetURLSchemeText to return the URL used to open the app on Android and iOS, if any
* Fixed APK export sometimes not parsing the Firebase JSON file correct
* Fixed GetHTTPFile failing to save the file if SetFolder is used whilst it is running
* Changed sprite and text scissors to allow one dimension to be 0 in size and still be a valid scissor

Let me know if you have any problems
Bored of the Rings
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Joined: 25th Feb 2005
Location: Middle Earth
Posted: 10th Oct 2018 16:38
thanks Paul
Professional Programmer, languages: SAS, C++, SQL, PL-SQL, DBPro, Purebasic, JavaScript, others
AGK Developer
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Joined: 11th Jan 2005
Location: Adelaide
Posted: 10th Oct 2018 17:18
Thanks Paul
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Joined: 28th Jul 2011
Posted: 11th Oct 2018 15:27
Thanks a lot, great! much appreciated.
DBPro Master
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Joined: 21st Nov 2007
Location: Austin, TX
Posted: 12th Oct 2018 18:35
Good stuff!

A single player RPG featuring a branching, player driven storyline of meaningful choices and multiple endings alongside challenging active combat and intelligent AI.
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Joined: 8th Jan 2013
Posted: 13th Oct 2018 08:39
Hi Paul,

all FBX DAE 3DS models failing to load on ARM devices (APK and HTML)

I tried with and without animation (LoadObject and LoadObjectWithChildren) on my Honor View 10 (Android 8.0.0)

On WIndows-PC (Windows 10 64Bit) ist works fine.
But with AppGameKit Player and as APK file, there are no Objects.

All other Objects created with AppGameKit (CreateObjectBox, etc.) works fine.

Thank you Paul.

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Joined: 29th Aug 2017
Posted: 13th Oct 2018 13:00
Thanks Paul.. downlading now...
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Joined: 4th Oct 2004
Location: [Germany]
Posted: 15th Oct 2018 17:40 Edited at: 15th Oct 2018 18:21
Thank you!
The network debug helps me a lot.

BTW: I think assimp is broken somehow.
Do you know what's going on? :

This is what I put in:

FBX, with one single frame of animation. All objects in scene are rigged.

This is what AGK's LoadObjectWithChildren gives me:

Children list seems okay, aswell as the animation list

The Code to debug object information:

my test fbx fbx is also attached.



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AGK Gold Backer
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Joined: 2nd Sep 2004
Location: Norway
Posted: 17th Oct 2018 10:57
Thanks for the update Paul. Especially the added support for more keyboard keys.

The new left/right shift/ctrl/Alt doesn't seem to work with GetRawLastKey() on my Linux Mint PC though. It still reports 16,17 or 18 instead of the new 257,258 etc...
GetRawKeyState() works with the new keys but not GetRawLastKey(). Is this intentional or a bug?
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Joined: 5th Apr 2014
Posted: 19th Oct 2018 03:17
Not sure if it is the new update, GetNetworkNextClient() Does not return the client ID#. The clients connect OK and they get a number assigned, but only 0 is returned. GetNetworkFirstClient() Returns an Integer just fine, Anyone else having this problem.
Kevin Cross
Valued Member
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Joined: 15th Nov 2003
Location: London, UK
Posted: 20th Oct 2018 21:57
GetClipboardText() and SetClipboardText() introduced in the August version aren't in the help pages yet. I had to search for the old release post here on the forums to see what the commands were.

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