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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Help with bullet direction?

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Joined: 25th Sep 2016
Posted: 16th Oct 2018 02:28
This is my first post. Plunging into AppGameKit and I am already stuck. Back in the DBPRO days, "shooting a bullet" (basically making a sphere fly from whatever the camera position was, to where ever the camera was *looking* was easy):

I quickly found trying to do this in AppGameKit was a lesson in humiliation...
The best I have been able to do is this:

While this works to some degree from wherever I am standing the bullet starts, but flys off in only the Z direction which I am currently using just to see if the object would move at all because there is no GetCameraDirection command or something that says, target where I am looking, or where the camera is looking... At least I can't find it if it exists. What I need is the equivalent of what "Set object to camera orientation" used to do in dbpro. Or whatever magic shizzle-whizzle that will make the bullet go to the center of the screen in the direction the camera is looking? I have been pouring over the docs but all I can find is 3 ways to move an object

Looking through these forums I know there is some AppGameKit ninja out there that probably knows what I'm trying to do. Can anyone out there help a nerd out?
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Posted: 17th Oct 2018 10:38
You might have more luck if you posted your question on the appropriate AppGameKit board.

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