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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / [SOLVED] How to see if a 'variable' is positive or negative?

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Posted: 18th Nov 2018 08:01 Edited at: 18th Nov 2018 08:19
How do you see if a 'float variable' is positive or negative?

I know 'c' is a negative variable in this example, and I can print (c) to find out; and I can look at it and know instantly that 'c' is negative.

But when my program is running, it needs to know when a variable is positive or negative. And I need to add it to my code,
because sometimes 'c' will be negative, and other times 'c' will be positive.

I could code 'if c<0' but then my code would be more complicated. So is there a more efficient way to code it?

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Posted: 18th Nov 2018 09:33
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you could just code a simple function to test for a negative value

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Posted: 18th Nov 2018 16:50
That's really no different than just doing

If c < 0
// is negative
// is positive

Plus you add the overhead of a function call

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