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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Can you name the difference between Studio and Classic?

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Posted: 15th Apr 2019 00:29
Examples? how does it help you with game creation?

Look I am asking a lot of question about studio as a developer and as a teacher, since I want to have some selling points for AGKs it is really hard to convince ppl why should them use AppGameKit over Unity (in Israel 99 percent of game development is made by Unity)

for me, Studio really helps me teach since it is much easier to place stuff and using the test mode it's pretty awesome.

the placement also helps when it comes to loading images and "Unique" sprites which I can clone from later on in the app.

now with fonts, it is basically superb over AppGameKit classic and we are still in the Alpha stages.

any thoughts? maybe you have a selling approach which I have not thought of yet. (Planning on moving around the world teaching Game Development where I can beside projects I'm doing for clients)
Agk studio just let this happen.

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Posted: 15th Apr 2019 01:04 Edited at: 15th Apr 2019 01:07
For me, it's still pretty early to run an adequate comparison between the two as there are plans by TGC for AGKS's development that haven't yet been implemented. The fact that it will likely be more modernized in terms of rendering engine/graphics, IDE, debugging, and certain other aspects are all potential pluses that carry with them features that would better compare with some of the industry standards.

But until we know how those elements are implemented/incorporated, it's difficult to provide much of an objective analysis or comparison. I suspect by this summer we'll have a better idea of where things will stand and how viable AGKS will be with game development for a broader potential audience.
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Posted: 15th Apr 2019 12:26
If you like to compare the current Application Game Kit Studio alpha version with the Last Application Game Kit Classic version, the differences are:

The Classic Version have much simpler IDE.
The Studio Version have much advanced IDE.
The Classic Version doesn't have Scene Editor built in.
The Studio Version have a Scene Editor build in.
The Classic Version uses OpenGL for graphics.
The Studio Version uses OpenGL for graphics and is going to support and Vulkan Engine too.
The Classic Version seems it went to its end and is not going to be updated or add any features.
The Studio Version is just beginning and there will be many many updates and new features in the next versions.
The Classic Version and the Studio version at the current state are fully compatible between them.
The Studio Version is going to be at least 30% faster than the Classic version when it will be released.
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Posted: 15th Apr 2019 17:27
Studio Version also has a powerful live debugger and code properties. These features allow you to change variables and other data during runtime!

Coders don't die, they just gosub without return
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Posted: 15th Apr 2019 18:58 Edited at: 15th Apr 2019 19:06
Essentially Studio is going to be a more up to date and more recent version. It is already got better IDE, better debugger and an integrated level editor that already got better features than the Visual Editor for the Classic.
The community also already made tons of request and suggestions what to improve and since it is only alpha, I do hope to see many of the suggestions we made, being implement by the time we get the final release version. So far I do like the direction of the development.
If you want to get the latest and greatest features, Studio the only option. Classic will no longer get new features but only bug fixes and general maintenance to keep it going but how long, not sure.

Regarding why Unity over AGK.
Unity is one of the most popular game engine out there compete head to head with the industry leader Unreal Engine. Used by professionals and big studios. It is also got a free version that is free even for commercial use until certain amount of profit.
Since, it is extremely popular for the above reason you can also find tons of tutorials out there, books and also paid courses. Also used in schools and you can even become a certified Unity developer so really, if you are serious about starting a game studio or any game development related business, you must have Unity in your toolbox, can not ignore it. Yes there are good alternatives for indie studios, individuals, hobbyist to develop a game in your spare time but if you want to go full time and make a living from it, you just can not ignore Unity. Even TGC used Unity to make one of their games (MyWorld) that is no longer sold by TGC but it was made in Unity and not AppGameKit or DBP or GameGuru. Even the makers of Godot, Okam Studio uses Unity instead of their own home grown engine (Godot). I was actually surprised when I learned that, I always thought Godot is backed by both an open-source community and a studio but it is not true. Okam Studio abandoned Godot in favour of Unity. Maybe I'm slow, but I really didn't know that until recently.

There is nothing can be done about this really, AppGameKit never going to compete with Unity or Unreal, I also don't understand why people constantly compare AppGameKit to Unity and Unreal. It is a completely different league. The real competitors in my opinion are Godot and GameMaker Studio and AGKStudio has a really good chance to compete in that league but Unity and Unreal, never going to happen, Unity and Unreal at least 10 light years ahead of AppGameKit and TGC. Stop comparing to them, doesn't make sense in my honest opinion.
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Joined: 20th Nov 2016
Posted: 18th Apr 2019 01:23
Whoa, I didn't know MyWorld was no longer being sold...
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Posted: 18th Apr 2019 03:06
As best as I can tell... AppGameKit Studio is just an iterative version.
It's like comparing Visual Studio 2015 with 2019., like there are a lot of Quality of Life Changes that are awesome for more Modern Application Development but I've seen and heard absolutely NOTHING about any improvements to the BASIC Language., which I'd argue is perhaps THE most compelling element of AGK; when all other Middleware use Python, Typescript, Rust, JavaScript, C#, etc... and in their Script as opposed to Native Forms.

And this is frankly why AppGameKit is more compelling., because rather than being Yet Another C++ Inspired Language with it's own peculiarities … an in Scripting Form at that., AppGameKit not only using BASIC (which is criminally under serviced today) but it's their own variant, with their own Compiler / Interpreter Engine; well it means they have absolute control over what it can and can't do.

An excellent example being., Arrays v2 that was added in AppGameKit v2.
Using a Scripting / 3rd Party Language... you can't simply be like "I think we'll add this Feature..." or "Let's change how THAT works to be more user friendly" where-as TGC can with AppGameKit BASIC.
And really BASIC was and remains one of the most approachable Languages for Non-Programmers.
Now I'd argue TGC should be focusing on that unique element... by looking closely at improving the Features and Performance., I'd also argue that their Engine Commands should equally match the intuitive nature of said Language.

As people won't be upset at it not being 100% Compatible., if what it's replace with is better, easier and more intuitive to use.
The new "Runtime Variable UI Tweaker" is a nice feature … but if very little is actually changing under the hood, to make it more approachable and sensible., well then it's little more than unnecessary fluff at the expense of time that could be better spent on actual improvements.

I would argue., I'd like to see expansion with Namespaces... Virtualised Functions... Type Output from Functions, and not as merely Input References.
I actually discovered the other day (and this isn't documented in the help, so I'm not sure you're "Supposed" to be able to do this) that I could create Zero Arrays within Types and handle them exactly like a Native Array; meaning <Vector> Lists that can be expanded within Types.
(I'll showcase some code with this in the next few days, as it's pretty versatile and was unexpectedly awesome)

Support for Signed Integers (Dword / UINT32)., and Double Values (Int64) and Quarter Values (Int8)
Finally add True (-1) and False (0) as Default Values... Support Booleans, and Variable Swapping.

Sure, a lot of this can be kind of supported via BASIC Code., but it really should be part of the Core Features.
I'd also like to see all of the String Functions see the addition of $ at the end of their Name., to remove the stupid Keyword Reserve of things like Left and Right.

See... if TGC can provide a Solid Foundational (and Higher Performance) BASIC., with most of it's Functionality being more "Streamlined" … to where the more advanced Functions are provided as Toolkit (.agc / .hpp) files well that just works out better. As the focus shifts more from the Middleware to the Language., after all; we can actually mostly replace the Middleware itself via Plug-Ins; it was one of the useful Elements of Dark BASIC Professional... where you could replace like 95% of the "Build In" Functions / Engine with a 3rd Party Solution; without Sacrificing the BASIC element.

By all means use an SDL Framework and Core., that is then expanded with OpenGL / Vulkan / DirectX / Windows RT … so that we're not handling the Boiler Plate, but beyond that... I'd argue that the Engine should be more of a Toolkit than an Engine per se.

< • >

But eh, those are just my ramblings.
Cliff Mellangard 3DEGS
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Posted: 19th Apr 2019 12:56 Edited at: 19th Apr 2019 12:57
Its very easy to throw together a simple base gui for your app in a short time.
I like it..
Its still a bit clumsy and bits missing but its already very good.

I made this in a few hours in studio..
would probably take me at least 2 days in classic?


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Posted: 8th May 2019 14:32
Are there any notable new commands in the Studio version? Maybe a list of them somewhere?
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2017
Posted: 8th May 2019 14:41
No, its the same as the last classic atm.
I think after june TGC starts with new commands after vulkan is working well.
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