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AppGameKit Studio Chat / IDE Font choices

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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
Posted: 12th Jun 2019 14:40
Bought ASKS when it first came out but just fired it up for the first time! First impression - Looks good. Loaded my platform game up and all worked well, loaded up the new OGL windows player and all worked perfectly! Looks like a good step forward and looking forward to learning all the new debugging facilities etc.

For now though.... I can only see two fonts (and bold italic versions) in the font list for the IDE - are we going to be given access to all the fonts on the PC like AppGameKit Classic IDE does?
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Posted: 14th Jun 2019 16:09 Edited at: 14th Jun 2019 17:08
I was asked the same. The option to choose an external or installed font for the source code. If you like this to be implemented in the release version post this in git hub.
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