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AppGameKit Classic Chat / [SOLVED] Google 64 bit convert by August 1st 2019 - Please help

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Posted: 11th Jul 2019 10:19
As a few of us have received this type of message from google . . .'By August 1, 2019, all apps that use native code must provide a 64-bit version in order to publish an update. As of the sending of this email, at least one of your apps* does not yet meet the requirement: ' could we please have a simple (step by step ) fix for previous released Apps on the Google App store by 'the Game Creators'

I have done a search for '64 bit' and I can not find a solution. All of the threads have been locked due to the '90 day none activity' and so I am starting this new thread.

My previous released game on the Google App store I would love to keep but I am not sure if I recompile it using the latest version it will compile it in 64 bit etc.

I understand that the 'Game Creators' are working hard on 'AGK studio' and this will probably resolve the issues with new builds but can we please have a confirmation from the developers about previous released Apps as some of us may be relying on these for monetary incomes etc. and would like to keep old versions going.

As I am currently devoting most of my time on my current project and waiting for the studio version ( of AppGameKit ) to come out soon and Google doing something to my App on August 1st is a bit tight to try things by trial and error etc. to resolve the issue by August 1st

I appologise if this issue has been dealt with somewhere else on this forum but after searching for '64 bit' etc. , I could not find a solution so, once again, I appologise if this issue has already been dealt with in simple step by step instructions etc.

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Bored of the Rings
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Posted: 11th Jul 2019 18:02
Found loads of threads when I typed x64 in search ...
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Paul Johnston
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Posted: 12th Jul 2019 15:05
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AppGameKit supports 64-bit Android since version 2018.04.12. If you export an APK using any version since then it should meet Google's requirements.

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