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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Export as an IOS app

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Joined: 3rd Mar 2010
Posted: 14th Aug 2019 03:44 Edited at: 14th Aug 2019 04:01
Is anybody able to export to an IOS app (add hoc), properly?
I tried for days and don't get it working. Please see my other post regarding that issue (
I'm pretty sure that all my certificates and the provision profile are correct.
But now I'm really wondering what is going on.
Mailed Paul, more than a week ago, but no response...
Would be great, to get any feedback at all.

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Posted: 5th Sep 2019 12:54
I am having the same problem using an Ad Hoc provisioning profile. If I use the same profile and compile the app using AppGameKit Classic it works fine, so it is definitely something in Studio.

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