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Music & Sound FX / not music, but great nature sounds

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Joined: 14th Aug 2019
Posted: 14th Aug 2019 19:50 Edited at: 14th Aug 2019 20:51
this season, nightingale nests only 10 meters from my recording studio
recorded him these nights
i can share the recording in 24/48

chain: mic pair AKG414 -> Drawmer 1969 -> EQ EAR825 -> Manley Vary mu
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Joined: 14th Aug 2019
Posted: 30th Apr 2020 08:14
continuing the tread wanna share another soundscape
it is the crickets choir recorded on an august night

here are the downloads of these nature sounds in wave 24/48, flac, and mp3
it is free for listening and sound production

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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
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Posted: 30th Apr 2020 19:55
Quote: "not music, but..."

sounds like music, to me
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Joined: 14th Aug 2019
Posted: 11th May 2020 10:55
Quote: "sounds like music, to me "

same to me =)
a nightingale's song can be notated like that
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Joined: 14th Aug 2019
Posted: 11th May 2020 10:56 Edited at: 11th May 2020 13:43
i was going to record bees for a long time
it was not an easy task
now i don’t think that bees are such hard workers as it described in fairy tales
a plum bush blossomed near the studio
i waited for bees one week connecting daily 100m of cables
but they appeared only once and buzzed just two hours
the wind hindered recordings
so there is only 10 minutes but it is excellent
this record is quieter than my other soundscapes
but I did not raise the volume to an unnatural level
bees are very quiet creatures

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Joined: 14th Aug 2019
Posted: 19th Jun 2020 11:31 Edited at: 19th Jun 2020 11:32
This review contains a transcript of the sounds of one overnight recording session featuring bird songs, cricket choirs, wind blowing, and other sounds of nature.

These soundscapes were recorded during spring in the depths of a mixed forest where a set of microphones captured a stereo panorama. The captured soundscapes are that of a meadow with a diameter of about 100 meters that produces a multi-level echo and deep reverb.

The nature concert opens with a nightingale recorded around midnight who tirelessly varies its song for an hour until it was frightened off by a creature who made a distinct rustle of foliage not far from the bird. The nightingale sings from the bush located on the left while the recording is balanced by the choirs of crickets audible, for the most part, in the right channel. In the center of the stereo panorama, you can clearly hear the wind sir the crowns of tall trees and then gradually subside towards the end of the track. In the background, another nightingale can sometimes be heard singing far in the depths of the forest.

Nightingale song accompanied by wind, crickets, and woodland sounds:

As you can hear, the soundscape is very much reminiscent of a musical performance since both the nightingale and the cricket choirs are tuned to a general tonic which in certain fragments of the recording is very close to the note E.

After some time, the nightingale resumes its chanting, now having settled in the depths of the meadow. The bird's volume decreased due to the distance from the microphone but now it sings closer to the far edge of the forest meadow and the reverb has become deeper and more distinct. In the second part of the recording, the bird bustle increases to proclaim the dawn of a new day.

Nightingale song in the predawn hours gives way to various bird calls and morning bustle:

On the left channel of the next soundscape, you can hear the red-backed shrike singing in the bush where the nightingale previously located. Perhaps it was the shrike nesting here who frightened off the nightingale. On the recording, the nightingale is still singing in the background surrounded by other birds.

Shrike morning calls with nightingale and multiple birds in the background:

The following short piece contains a bird trio of the shrike, warbler, and nightingale. The warbler that comes later has an alarm-like call that goes well with the chirping of the shrike who will soon be silent. The warbler and shrike are heard in the left channel while a nightingale, singing in the distance, fills the background.

Bird trio of shrike, warbler, and nightingale jamming together in the woods:

The final morning recording of this set features all the awakened winged inhabitants of the forest, including the woodpecker tapping at the trunks of pine trees and flying around the meadow. By this time, сrickets have fallen almost completely silent and are partially overshadowed by the morning bustle of many species of birds.

Morning bird orchestra featuring nightingale, shrike, warbler, and woodpecker:

download these recordings for free in mp3, flac, wave 24/48

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