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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Tier II: Using the CreateText Function to Display Integer Values

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Joined: 20th Apr 2019
Posted: 28th Aug 2019 04:46
I'm slowly picking up Tier II from Tier I using Visual Studio 2019 and the AppGameKit 2 library of functions.

I'd like to display an integer value using the CreateText command in Tier II.

In Tier I, the following works:

CreateText(3,"SCORE: " + str(score) )

However, when I call the Tier II function:

agk::CreateText( 3, "SCORE: " + str(score) );

I get an error message. Is "str" not recognized in Tier II or do I need to go about this a different way in C++?

The following command works, but I like having more text options with the CreateText command:


Any help greatly appreciated.
Dark Raven
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Joined: 27th Jul 2014
Location: United States
Posted: 28th Aug 2019 08:32
agk::Str(score) should do it.
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Joined: 28th Nov 2002
Location: Denmark
Posted: 11th Sep 2019 14:15
In Tier 2, agk::Str() will return a pointer (a memory address that points to where the data is stored in memory). Every time you call that function, it will create a new item in memory and give you the pointer that points to that item/data, so you will have to delete the data that is POINTED to, not just the pointer itself (the pointer is just a variable that holds a memory address that tells where the data is stored). Not deleting the data itself will give you memory leaks as new data is constantly created but not deleted, if functions that returns pointers are called.

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