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2D All the way! / Super Parallax Star Scroller

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Joined: 4th Aug 2019
Posted: 6th Sep 2019 05:10
Something I made on my first night using AppGameKit Studio. Not really a game, but I just wanted to start learning the syntax etc. It only goes one way and I could make it go both ways, but maybe I'll do that later. Change variables to adjust number of stars, parallax layers, etc. A speed of less than 1 doesn't seem to work for some reason. Not sure why yet.

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Posted: 7th Sep 2019 18:08 Edited at: 7th Sep 2019 18:08
Speed of less than 1 doesnt work because MoveSpeed and xpos[] are integers. You must declare both of them as floats.

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Joined: 4th Aug 2019
Posted: 8th Sep 2019 06:26
Hey many thanks!

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