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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Load Objects faster

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Joined: 12th Nov 2016
Posted: 16th Sep 2019 17:07

Im am loading object by object and Im trying to see what can this process faster. Culling Objects? Memblocks into one object? My FPS went from 130 to 60 and it takes nearly 30 seconds to load up. I have loaded 15 objects (.x) in the beginning to clone later. How can this be optimized?


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Posted: 16th Sep 2019 21:34
clone the objects during the game, if you load only the objects the player will immediately see then the rest can be loaded as needed or at least just 1 by 1 during an intro or something - 30 seconds isn't that long and the player won't notice if you hide it behind some splash screen / intro videos
memblocks do load a lot faster but they require a ton more disk space, not really a good idea for mobile as you only get a small apk size limit.
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