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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Is Visual Studio Code integration possible (or likely)?

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Joined: 14th Apr 2017
Posted: 27th Sep 2019 21:16

I took the Visual Studio Code BlitzMax plugin and modified it to be somewhat like the App Game Kit (a broad-strokes search and replace and then a bit of fine tuning for the language). For more than a week I wrote code in it and would flip back to studio to compile, run, debug and edit levels. This worked out quite well, but it could be so much better. Unfortunately the last steam version of AGKCompiler I have doesn't give errors on stdout , not does it support some of the AppGameKit Studio constructs (for example alpha values in MakeColor) so I couldn't integrate the compile and run from VS Code.

I was wondering if theGameCreators would consider doing an official VS Code support extension? I think this could include the debugger barring technical hurdles I don't know about? VS Code is free (open source) and is available for Mac, Linux and Windows and is very well supported. One would still have to use the official IDE for level editing but that's not a problem. Maybe this is where I really put my foot in it - in my opinion VS Code is a significantly more powerful editor than what's currently on offer (multiple cursors alone is worth its weight in gold - I don't believe the current IDE has support?). The extensions are amazing and the fact that you could use this one editor for pretty much everything you want to code (except AppGameKit, currently is really nice - muscle memory at work.

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Posted: 28th Sep 2019 09:10
I agree, An AppGameKit VSCode plugin would be great. VSCode is by far a better editor than, well, in my opinion any other editor, and certainly better than Geany (what AppGameKit Classic use) and the new AppGameKit Studio editor.

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