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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Cross-platform DBPro reimplementation

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Joined: 14th Feb 2016
Posted: 29th Sep 2019 17:59
Back in 2017, I've got the idea to do a cross-platform reimplementation of DBPro like MonoGame for XNA.
I've worked on it for a weekend and put it on hold since then.

However, I open-sourced it in the hope to find some people who are interested to support me and commit to it, because it's a lot of work to implement all DBPro commands myself.

The goal is to build a cross-platform compiler to compile DB/DBPro code for Windows, Linux, Mac and other platforms.

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Joined: 1st Jan 2013
Posted: 29th Sep 2019 21:43
Hi Memorix,

I think this is a cool idea and well worth pursuing, even if it's just for the experience of creating a product of this magnitude.

I know TGC have GameGuru and AppGameKit but I think they are well overdue a new DBPRO perhaps call it DarkBasicX (X for cross platform) and this
could provide them the start they need. I realise there are many different products now to choose from but I truely believe DBPRO resonates
with many people and will use it regardless of the competition.

I'll keep an eye on this project and help out when and if I can.

Best of luck!
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Joined: 14th Feb 2016
Posted: 30th Sep 2019 09:03

DBPro was one of the first things that got me into programming when I was a child.
I started programming at the age of 10 years.
I love those little games and their old graphics style.
The thought that all of this would be kinda lost makes me sad.
Sometimes when I find old code in the TGC magazines it even doesn't work on actual Windows OSes anymore because DirectX has changed.

This project could work for any platform that raylib supports: Desktop, Raspberry Pi, Android, WebGL.
I rewrote it so many times. I started with SDL2 and OpenGl at first. Then changed it to a different engine and finally changed it to raylib because it's so much handier than SDL2 and OpenGL code.

Currently, I'm implementing all the base commands and try to get the audio and 2D part working.

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