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AppGameKit Studio Chat / SetSyncRate issue -> 60 FPS = 50 FPS, 30 FPS = 25 FPS

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Joined: 6th Aug 2019
Location: Germany
Posted: 1st Oct 2019 09:34
In the official examples of AppGameKit, and even when a new project is created, the
SetSyncRate function is used. An important function to control the frame
rate and a simple and secure way to get a stable timing.
My problem is that if I specify 60 frames, I get stable 50 frames. At 30
frames stable 25 frames.
If I use the SetSyncRate command (0,0), I get more than 1200 FPS on the
3D FirstPersonExample. In terms of hardware, it seems not to be a
problem to draw a frame rate of 60 frames. VSync works normal.
The dev team is stumped and had never heard about this issue.
So - is anybody out there, who has the same issue? It would be interesting to find out, what is going on there and to make the command bullet proof.

My system: Windows 10, Intel Core i5-8400, 12 GB Ram, Graphics: Intel
UHD 630 (onboard).
I have also tested it on the laptop (Lenovo) with Intel HD Graphics 610.
Is it perhaps a problem with onboard Intel graphics devices?

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