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3 Dimensional Chat / How to calculate a new direction of a moving 3D object by applying a force

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Posted: 29th Oct 2019 16:50
Hi all,

I have a moving 3D object, I can rotate the object whilst it is moving. I want to apply a force to the object in the direction it is facing when rotated. The new direction and velocity will be the resultant calculation of the original direction and velocity effected by the new force and its angle. Mmmmm, hope I have explained the problem. I have a 3D moon lander travelling in a straight line along its Z axis. I rotate the lander as it is moving along its path, the direction of the path obviously does not change. I want to apply a thrust in the direction the lander is now facing to change its direction.

I cannot find a 3D 'Impulse' force command that make the effect realistic and so I guess a new Velocity Vector must be calculated to apply to the lander using its current direction and velocity and the new rotated angle of the lander plus the new thrust.

Any ideas Amigos?

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