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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Understanding the process of moving from GG to AGK/Studio

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Posted: 15th Nov 2019 15:33
In advance, much appreciate the help and the inside info.
I am trying to make clear in my mind the process from moving, or not, from GG to AppGameKit or AppGameKit studio (unless the two AGKs are really related) (Are they?)
This is what I understand. GG Loader will convert the files to AppGameKit format. After the export/import thing happens everything from GG will migrate to AppGameKit (the visual portion) and the scripts or any other code will have to be coded for AGK. i.e convert the Lua scripts to Basic or such, or code them from scratch. Are the entities and their properties, properly move to AppGameKit?
So, basically GG will be used and could continuously be used for the visual potion of a game written for AppGameKit and then imported.
What other options are there for editors other than GG?
So, is this basically what GG Loader does?
How do most of you guys go about making some type of game with AppGameKit?
I am just looking for the sequence of events, main blocks and software you use to set up the basic skeleton of the game. I can tackle the coding portion of it, either Basic or C++, no problem.
Since I have yet to make a move on purchasing any of the products, advice on what to get for starting out will also come in handy.
I may not be able to respond for about 48 hrs, so please don't take it as I am ignoring you.

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