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Virtual Nomad
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 26th Nov 2019 08:12 Edited at: 26th Nov 2019 08:50
Sharing something i've been tinkering with for the past few days:

Inspired by the old Intellivision Golf that i used to play with my dad when i was young, but even simpler play & light physics involved.

Once i polish the editor up a bit, i'll put at least 9 holes together and offer a demo.

In the meantime, a (grainy) gameplay video.
Note the top-left corner indicating the "ground" it's rolling on/into once it reaches "ground level" (fairway, rough, putting green, etc.) which determines the ball's damping. it pulls off decent loft, bounce & roll notions, i think.
& i think i'll keep the bouncy trees on this one and save anymore realism for a 3d version someday.


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AGK Developer
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Joined: 22nd Feb 2013
Location: the land of oz
Posted: 26th Nov 2019 21:22
That looks really neat! Nice game
Valued Member
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Joined: 3rd Jul 2016
Location: Laniakea Supercluster
Posted: 29th Nov 2019 19:54
Very nice,

I'm a sucker for retro remakes

Coders don't die, they just gosub without return
Virtual Nomad
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Joined: 14th Dec 2005
Location: SF Bay Area, USA
Posted: 30th Nov 2019 07:28
thanks guys. i would definitely NOT call it a remake, but a simple top-down golf game INSPIRED by the aforementioned classic

i haven't done anymore work on it yet* but i did make it my first HTML demo on

there is some stutter in the ball movement, there, which i suspect is caused by raw box2d usage but the results look identical to what i'm seeing on windows and android, otherwise, which is a good start.

*speaking of "work", the main thing i learned from the summer jam was the need for decent code structure/organization which i've found is a necessity when i reach ~400-500 lines of code (that's my single-core cranial limit when it comes to juggling it all, apparently) and i have since tried to account for that in subsequent projects.

i try to maintain the structure & organization but, inevitably, 2 things happen. 1) i get a bright idea (or 3) and "slap" it/them in there, ignoring the organization i've been building upon/within, and 2) i find something that doesn't work like i expected it would.

IE, i had wrongly expected GetSpriteCollision to FIRST return the top-most sprite, depth-wise, which i would use to determine how the ball would roll (i think DBPro did/does that which i expected would carry into AGK2).

now, i believe the FIRST sprite returned is whichever was Created most-recently.

so, as of now, i'm brute-forcing against EVERY "spot" on the course, finding the handful of sprites that are colliding with the ball, sorting their depths manually, and returning the "top-most" to determine what to do with the ball.

...and, now i'm looking at re-writing a bunch of it because of both of the above. i'll learn someday

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