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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Hello neighbors, How do I get the old fokes to run under Windows 10 32 bit or even 64 bit?

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Joined: 7th Nov 2005
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Posted: 29th Nov 2019 01:34 Edited at: 29th Nov 2019 02:13
Hello neighbors, So how do I get the old folks like 3D Gamemaker,Dark basic and DB Pro to run under Windows 10 32 bit or even 64 bit? I managed to get 3D Gamemaker to run, However the stand alone games are telling me this: System Error:Failed to set display mode. Could not set a display mode of 640x480x16. An hour or so ago I tried to run one of the 3D Game maker stand alone games and Dark basic software( the original) opened up instead of firing off on it's own. It was asking me if I wanted to go to the game creators website or exit to windows. I have not fired off Dark Basic Pro yet. Is there a patch or has somebody developed a default DLL for running the software under Win 10? So far FPSCREATOR is still working just fine and in great shape running under Windows 10 or at least running well on my Toshiba Satellite C855D laptop with 8G's of memory, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit running DirectX 12 and my good old AMD Radeon HD 7520G integrated video card. Game Guru also seems to run just fine on my old system as long as I am developing really small levels and keeping everything on the lowest settings. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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Joined: 28th Jul 2016
Posted: 29th Nov 2019 08:19
640x480x16 is the screen width,height and depth. your windows doesn't support 16bit colors anymore. if you have access to the source code try setting the display mode to 640x480x32 and compile it again.
i have no problems running dark basic pro on windows 10, however i do not use the gameguru version.
dark basic pro requires directx 9.0c. install it if you haven't already.
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Posted: 4th Dec 2019 17:42
Gameguru runs fine on my win 10 32 and 64 bit OS.
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