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AppGameKit Studio Chat / Menu and Keyboard Shortcuts Missing

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Posted: 16th Jan 2020 22:59
Been using AppGameKit for a handful of years now. Bought Studio when it came out but haven't used it yet, until now. Using the Windows version V2019.12.17.

Why doesn't it have "Alt <key>" shortcuts for the menu? That is kinda standard for programs.

Where are the keyboard shortcuts for Window activation? I see it has Alt-Tab to switch windows but the cursor is not active and requires using the mouse to select it to get a cursor. This is for code pages. Classic works fine.

After a compile, it is in the Message Window and not active either so you can't select errors and hit Enter to go to them. Requires the mouse. And if no errors, can't leave the window unless you use a mouse to click a code window.

Classic has keyboard short cuts for these, so I expected them in Studio.

I have searched Help and forums but came up empty.

Unfortunately, it has made Studio annoyingly unusable for me. Any help/ideas?


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