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Android / 30 Frames Per Second Vs. 60 Frames Per Second - Mobile Battery Consumption?

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Joined: 15th Mar 2017
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Posted: 30th Jan 2020 00:25

Just wondering if using 30 FPS instead of current 60 FPS would significantly improve battery consumption?
Let us know, thanks!

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Posted: 1st Feb 2020 11:50
An app running on 60 fps will consume more power than running on 30 fps.
How much exactly depends on several factors, inlcuding the phone itself.

Just fully load your phone and run your app on 60 fps for like 2 hours.
Note the battery level, recharge and repeat on 30 fps.

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Posted: 10th Feb 2020 20:11
You could implement a "Battery Saver Mode" in your settings menu. I do this in my Zombie RPG game - reduced frame rate, lower quality shadows and no anti-aliasing to help battery last longer.
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Posted: 13th Apr 2020 03:38
Hello! I tried comparing fps 30 and 60 by playing some apk games. And I will give you advice not to use 30 frames per second because its battery consumption is less than 60 frames per second but makes the gaming experience worse due to lag.

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