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FPSC Classic Showcase / [X9] W.W.II Operations: Desert Front - Experience WW2 North Africa Like Never Before!

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Joined: 24th Jul 2017
Posted: 4th Feb 2020 15:02
Hello There! (Obi-Wan Memes)
W.W.II Operations has just finished its development after one year. Updates will come out for sure!
Things to be added in future updates:
- Missions (Duh)
- Graphics (Thanks Black Ice Mod for that)
- Gameplay Mechanics
- More glitches, just kidding I will definitely fix glitches if you find any

Now, for ze description:
W.W.II Operations: Desert Front is a World War 2 first-person shooter that takes place during the Western Desert Campaign (1940-1943)

- American Campaign: You will play as soldiers from the 9th Infantry Division of the U.S Army, sent to Rabat during Operation Torch, 1942. Your mission is to liberate the country from Nazi occupation, fight alongside with your platoon and help them get through the toughest of situations.

Start from the shores of Morocco to German -occupied villages and Nazi bases, experience the Invasion of Rabat like never before!

New Campaigns coming soon, especially the Italian Campaign if this game succeeds.

This one's for the lols

Anyway, here's the store page:
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Posted: 10th Feb 2020 15:57
I gave this game a go and figured I'd let you know what I think.
I actually wanted to take a couple screenshots but it decided not to save those for some reason so I just put my impressions in writing.

At first glance, this seemed to be really neat. You get actual ww2 footage as an intro rather than just dumping the player on to a title screen and the intro narration is well enough done.
Where it falls apart is the actual game. Its bad. I mean really bad. It looks terrible, its quite dull to play and it has the over all feel of an early FPSC demo level.

It drops you into a set of segment build alleys where you kinda roam around. Occasionally a nazi shows up like a whack-a-mole and you dispose of him. There are 2 allies at the start who give you some introduction to the mechanics. However, this is awkward as well. I was already trying to jump over the barb wire barricade when the game froze me mid explain to me how to jump. Its a decent effort that you went with voice acted characters but you shouldn't have your in-game characters tell you what button to press. As in, in game chars shouldn't acknowledge that you are playing a video game.

The weapon feels amazingly stiff right away. Anyone can live without iron sights but without any gunsway/lag its just sort off stiffly attached to the players camera...the animations that thing has aren't helping but good job with the sounds. (btw, a ww2 thomspon had no muzzlebrake, so you use entirely the wrong flash effect when it fires...but believe me, boy howdy is that the least of this games problems.)

The worst thing about desert front is the flickering. I know you get the occasional texture flicker in most FPSC games but no game had it as bad as this. Everything flickers, all the segment constructions have glitching textures galore. Its a real eyesore. The art direction is non-existant as well. Various rock textures (some are not tiled properly, some are worn, others clean...) thrown into a map to make a semblance of an african town but it just kind of looks like a childs effort at playing lego. All doors and windows are awkwardly intersecting these unnatural looking structures. Occasionally you get an interesting part but its all drowned out by baffling design choices along the way. Whenever you try to jump on to the many boxes, you can glimpse the out-of bounds areas of the map. While I didn't manage to glitch out of the level, I could see in to the skybox on several occasions.

Another major bug is that apart from texture flickering, some times half of the segment constructions blink out of existance. When you turn around in the starting area, that wall disappears depending on how you look at it. Level 2 disappears entirely sometimes depending on where you turn the camera in the beginning.
Too bad I don't have any screenshots so there is too much to cover here... but you should really invest a couple hours in learning basic art direction. Textures clash, some models look very undefined due to the lack of proper lighting (seriously, if you want to craft some type of ambience here, learn how to use lightmapping. these maps are about as flat and unappealing as stale soda.) and then there is the down right offensive texture on the arm. That uniform thingie.

Also, don't show the player things he then can not use. Enemies dropping visible guns you can't pick up, MG42 nests you can not use, and ladders to watch towers you can not climb (you put a box there in level least).

Gameplay...there ain't no gameplay. You just kinda stroll through these corridor like levels and shoot the occasional nazi. They don't use any chatter, they are never in groups, they all make the stock fpsc death sound (-.-) and you can't pick up their guns as they use a different model pack as the player. (I do applaud you however for at least not mixing gun packs.) This really has none of the original MOH series you where inspired by. Just really go back playing and studying these titles, take some screenshots, watch some making offs... As it stands, this is simply no fun and an eye sore to look at.

Something else I have to mention is that in 2 locations I find a german billboard that says...that there is a train going from Saarbr├╝cken to Paris with prisoners (or something along those lines.) 1.This would never be a public notice 2. Why would that be in Africa?

You've been using fpsc for so long that I find it baffling that this turned out the way it did... the screenshots you presented made me hope for a far superior game. I can work with indie jank but you gotta give me something, anything!

Not all was bad though! I liked the german soldier that surrendered and the fact that you included hidden areas. Also at least you made SOME custom media albeit rare.
Level 3 crashed for me but at that point I kinda had enough.
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Joined: 24th Jul 2017
Posted: 13th Feb 2020 03:32 Edited at: 13th Feb 2020 03:32
Thanks for the review, Wolf!

The trailer for the game just came out!

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Joined: 5th Jan 2006
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Posted: 13th Feb 2020 17:46
Nice work on the trailer, and congrats on the finished game and IndieDB posting.
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Joined: 24th Jul 2017
Posted: 14th Feb 2020 11:49
Thanks a lot xplosys!
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Posted: 20th Feb 2020 10:18
Looking good! X9 is still the best.

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