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Windows / [SOLVED] Save to file - nothing happend

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Joined: 7th Feb 2020
Posted: 7th Feb 2020 15:14
Hi! I'm trying to save some informations to a text file but nothing happend when I run my code, my file (it's a simple test txt file in the root of my project) remains empty.

MY code contains nothing else just the sample code from AGK's website, so I belive its just a file authorization issue. I'm trying to change the file policies, but it wont helps.

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Joined: 20th Dec 2015
Posted: 7th Feb 2020 21:56 Edited at: 7th Feb 2020 21:57
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AGK doesn't store files saved with OpenToWrite to your project's root folder unless you tell it to.

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Posted: 7th Feb 2020 22:18

AGK saves the files to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\AGKApps\[APPDIRNAME] because reasons.

hendron's code, above, is a short and sweet way to save files to, well... where most users would expect them to be.

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Posted: 10th Feb 2020 03:45
that code:

is also going to (try to) save the file every loop.
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Joined: 7th Feb 2020
Posted: 10th Feb 2020 09:15
@Virtual Nomad

yes I know. I'm just try this way as an experience.

@hendron, @loktofeit - THANK YOU.
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Posted: 28th Feb 2020 01:28 Edited at: 28th Feb 2020 01:31
Quote: "I'm just try this way as an experience."

The experience is the best part of life.

Rock on brutha!

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