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Raspberry Pi / AGK on Pi 3B+ - Raspian - Running a sample Project - appears briefly before exiting.

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Joined: 26th Feb 2020
Posted: 27th Feb 2020 11:17
Hi All,

New here and quite impressed with the AppGameKit so far.

I have downloaded the Raspberry Pi AppGameKit and have extracted the AGKPi Folder, but I'm experiencing the following problem:

Using one of the projects included, I compile and run - it appears for a split second then quits / disappears - almost as if it's exiting the main loop immediately.

Probably doing something stupid, but this is my first attempt at using the AppGameKit.

Any help greatly appreciated,


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Joined: 28th Nov 2002
Location: Denmark
Posted: 27th Feb 2020 16:07
Could you try running said compiled app from terminal with ./ before app exe name and tell if it reports anything?
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Joined: 26th Feb 2020
Posted: 27th Feb 2020 21:10

Using terminal, the compiled projects come up with..

Core.cpp ( int main etc. ) : EGL_NO_SURFACE

After some tweaking with raspi-config -> GPU_MEM & Open GL selection it now comes up with

Core.cpp ( int main etc. ) : Assertion 'success >= 0 ' failed, aborted.

Thanks in advance.

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Joined: 26th Feb 2020
Posted: 28th Feb 2020 00:24

Followed this post :

Working like a charm... brilliant - AppGameKit is pretty neat.
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Joined: 13th May 2020
Posted: 13th May 2020 18:01 Edited at: 5th Jun 2020 19:07
Hello...Raspberry Pi provides a great feature with its APP kit. According to raspberry, using AppGameKit's same powerful & easy to code syntax, combined with additional features for the Raspberry Pi such as reading & writing to the digital GPIO pins.AppGameKit provides a fast and reliable gaming engine, allowing you to simply code your games in the AppGameKit for Raspbery Pi IDE.

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