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Android / AGK AdMob code not compliant with Google Play Policies for families and children.

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Posted: 30th Jul 2020 05:11 Edited at: 30th Jul 2020 23:15
Just got the following notice from Google Play:

Quote: "After a recent review, we found that your app SC Scramble (com.jsa.scscramble) is not compliant with one or more of our Developer Program Policies. Please resolve the issue within 30 days of the issuance of this notification or your app will be removed from Google Play."

Is there a way to include the code described below in AppGameKit Tier1?

Quote: "Apps for everyone, including children and families
If your app is targeted towards everyone, including children and families, you’ll need to include code that calls the tagForChildDirectedTreatment()method for ad requests served to children and also specify the maximum ad content rating. "


Also, apps in the Designed for Families program that use ad SDKs for serving ads must only use ad SDKs that have certified their compliance with the Families Ads Program. Has TGC certified their ad component?

Note: In case it is relevant, I am using AppGameKit 2, not AGKS.
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Posted: 1st Aug 2020 01:52
I also received the same email. I tried to explain that my program didn't use the SDK / Library and that it was the underlying runtime that had it in its build but was not being used... and so their algorithm had a false positive.

To which they replied obviously without reading my false positive explanation:

1. Fix the policy violation.


2. Remove the Designed for Families rating

In my follow-up email they did identify the SDK in question "Amazon SDK".

Is there a way to remove this SDK as an option in the Export to Android?

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