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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Newbie using Tier 2 - question re some error messages

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Joined: 1st Dec 2017
Posted: 29th Aug 2020 05:57

I have worked out a lot of the error messages I have been getting, in my transferring from Tier 1 to Tier 2, but I can't figure out this error message. It doesn't stop the app from compiling, but does anyone know what this means, please?

ERROR SensorDeviceIoControlWithTimeoutV2:GetOverlappedResult failed!:0x00000490
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Posted: 29th Aug 2020 18:45
Quote: "ERROR SensorDeviceIoControlWithTimeoutV2:GetOverlappedResult failed!:0x00000490"

complete guess, here, but it seems you're using some of the Sensor commands and the app isn't receiving results for some time causing a Timeout.

IE, StartGPSTracking() advises:
Quote: "It may take some time from calling this command to get an accurate location from GetRawGPSLatitude and GetRawGPSLongitude. "

when broadcasting the code in the help file to my phone, it does take a few seconds before lat/long/altitudes display. i get no error; it simply prints 0s until the actual values are available.

hope that helps
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