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Raspberry Pi / [SOLVED] AGK PlugIn and Raspian -> Serial PlugIn

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Joined: 26th Feb 2020
Location: Cymru
Posted: 2nd Jan 2021 19:10
Happy New Year All!

Just a quick question if anyone has used the #import plugin options with Raspian and AGKPi?

I was hoping to use the SerialPlugIn to communicate with an Arduino from my AppGameKit Project / Application.

There is a provided with the plug in so will be starting with that - thought it prudent to ask if anyone else has tried something similar.

Best Regards,

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Joined: 26th Feb 2020
Location: Cymru
Posted: 3rd Jan 2021 05:36
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Ok, so have used another method - using wiringPi functionality.

I simply now use RunApp to send data via a small compiled c file app.. eg.. RunApp( "agkpi_send", "1" )

This then creates a log file of the data response, which can be opened in AppGameKit as per normal.

Not the prettiest of solutions, but it happily talks to an Arduino NANO via USB.

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