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Program Announcements / Sampler Generator

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Posted: 6th Mar 2021 22:05 Edited at: 6th Mar 2021 22:11
Proudly present to you Disk Sampler Generator.
I made this tiny tool to create sampler lists to use them in different shaders like DOF, Shadow mapping, SSAO and in every place where sampling needed.
Generator produces 2 or 3 dimension array in .txt file ( Gauss distribution written in .z ) so you can just copy and paste it to your shader.
I didn't find such tool on the web so I've create my own
Why you should use it?
Here are some ways:
1)Blur.Common box filter ( or horizontal then vertical blur ) produces not natural look.If you switch to Gaussian blur it will look better.If you will also use circle sampling result will be the best.
2)Same thing with shadow sampling.Circular sampling will give you pretty bokeh.Especially in shadows from tree leaves.
Source code and .exe file are below. Exe has included media - so if don't want to explore the code just use it as it is.
For others: GUI was made with BBB plugin:
If you have any remarks just let me know here. Long live DBPro!


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