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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / When will we see a demo?

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Joined: 20th Sep 2002
Posted: 21st Sep 2002 03:31
I'm intrigued by DBPro, but, reading about all the problems and half-finished commands and patches and other what-not, I'm becoming more and more inclined to think along the lines of getting a demo, so that I can decide whether DBPro is/will be right for my needs.

The problem is that there currently does not seem to be one! Any ideas on what sort of ETA we could be expecting?? I'm a bit wary of splashing out $99 on DBPro with only a handful of tech demos to decide on. After all, demos are nice, but if you yourself cannot program a thing in it, then that's money wasted.

So when will we see a demo?!
Years of Service
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Joined: 20th Sep 2002
Location: Switzerland
Posted: 21st Sep 2002 03:41
Why do you want a demo of DB 1.13 with the note, that all new commands are disabled in demo?

cause DB 1.13 worked smoother than DB Pro does in the best cases

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