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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Why is there no BUG reporting Topic????

Tim ber
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Joined: 8th Sep 2002
Posted: 22nd Sep 2002 19:48
I would have thought a bug reporting topic on the forum would have been a good idea.....
Can I just say, I`d like to be the first person on these forums to say FUCK in their signature

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Joined: 31st Aug 2002
Location: From PA, USA. Currently reside in Hanoi, Vietnam
Posted: 22nd Sep 2002 20:58
Jedi Mind Trick

[You]Why is there no BUG reporting Topic?
[DBS] There are no bugs.
[You] There are no bugs....
[DBS] DB PRO is stable and professional.
[You] I like DB Pro, it is both Stable & Professional.
[DBS] There are no bugs in the software you are looking at, go code now.
[You] The bugs in DB PRO are not there,I will go code now.


Ian T
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Joined: 12th Sep 2002
Location: Around
Posted: 22nd Sep 2002 21:29
Yeah, there should be one; for now, email it to the DBS team I think...

Richard Davey
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 30th Apr 2002
Location: On the Jupiter Probe
Posted: 23rd Sep 2002 02:21
To be honest everyone seems to be just posting their bugs here anyway, so until we bring our bug system online here (it's active on DBDN already) keep on doing that.



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