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The 20 Line Challenge / Another paint program :)

Zone Chicken
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Joined: 25th Jan 2004
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Posted: 5th Sep 2004 14:35 Edited at: 5th Sep 2004 15:22
Ok pretty simple
1).You can use the left mouse button to draw a dot
2).You can use the right mouse button to change colors the text show the color you are currently using.
3).Hold spacebar to erase.
4).Hold 1 to make a small circle.
5).Hold 2 to make a bigger circle.
6).Hold 3 to make a line.
7).Hold 4 to make a bigger line.
8).If you hold 1 to 4 and the right mouse button it will make random colors of circle, line.
9).Press 9 to save the on screen image to a file in the c drive
C:image.bmp is where your masterpeice is stored. It's for dbp dunno if it will work on classic, and needs to be run at 1024 x 768 windowed or fullscreen.

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Joined: 12th Jul 2004
Posted: 10th Sep 2004 01:42
Works in DBC, and I think its good
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Joined: 29th Jan 2004
Posted: 25th Sep 2004 16:04
Great Work.. i like the rainbow effect

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Joined: 17th Jan 2004
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Posted: 11th Oct 2004 10:28
really nice )

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