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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / How do i get that BSP tool to work????

dR DemoMan
Years of Service
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Joined: 12th Sep 2002
Posted: 23rd Sep 2002 23:35
Hmmmmmm. i got it to work with one shape in my x file just to test. Now i made a room but each wall are seperate boxes. Also is it ok for a shape to overlap with another one. Im running the prog in xp and after a few seconds after pressing compile i get xp telling me that is has caused an error and must be closed. Any ideas why that would happen. Do you need my file to see wat is wrong.

dR DemoMan
Mike Johnson
TGC Developer
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Joined: 13th Sep 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 23rd Sep 2002 23:53
Could you send me the model and any textures please. I will see what's going wrong. My email address is



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