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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / need help possible bug

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Joined: 7th Sep 2002
Posted: 24th Sep 2002 02:35
Well I was making a simple program did not seem to work.None of the graphics showed and seemed to end the same time as it started.I tried several differt ways to create the exe such as including media, not including media in dark basic pro.Since I also own full version dark basic v1.13 and put the code there it worked perfectly.Any ideas why it did not work? I tried using make object cube and use that instead of the mesh.
rem Load a mesh into memory
load mesh "mesh.x",1

rem Load image for use as texture
load bitmap "floor1.bmp",1
get image 1,0,0,128,128
delete bitmap 1

rem Make object from one mesh and one texture
make object 1,1,1
rem Delete mesh from memory
delete mesh 1

rem Scale object to make it much bigger
scale object 1,10000,10000,10000

rem Position object to one side
position object 1,10,10,10

rem Make and position a sphere object
make object cube 2,75
position object 2,-150,0,0
hide object 2
For x = 1 to 3000
xangle = rnd(360)
yangle = rnd(360)
zangle = rnd(360)
rotate object 1,xangle,yangle,zangle
move object 1, 3
next x

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