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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Is it possible to merge the code ?

ms twinbit
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Joined: 27th Nov 2004
Posted: 28th Nov 2004 01:06
Hi, my brother and me are very interested to use FPS Creator for our new project. Will it be possible to merge our work ( code ect. ) if we are both working on one project ?

Greatings from Berlin
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Joined: 22nd Nov 2002
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Posted: 28th Nov 2004 07:32 Edited at: 28th Nov 2004 07:33
You may need to eleborate a little more but here are a few thoughts on that. If you were to purchase two copies of FPS Creator, install it on two different machines, I think you should be able to work on the project seperatly and merge what you can. For example, he works on one level and you work on another. Then when you are ready to combine, he saves all the media(Pictures, Models, Levels etc..), put it on your PC. Then you work through linking everything together and compile into one project. So Yes, I would think you should be able to do that.
I am counting on it for my team so that we may work on our stuff.

Greetings from the US
By the way, how is the weather in Berlin? It's getting extreamly cold over here.

This is as backwards as is This
Richard Davey
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Posted: 29th Nov 2004 18:02
You could work on one level each on different PCs and then merge them together in a final build - but you could not work on the same game via a network. What I mean is if you both opened up the same level file on two different PCs, it will not work properly and you'll start over-writing each others work.

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