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Dark GDK / dbGetTextureNonLocalVideoMemory() crash

billy the kid
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Joined: 7th Dec 2004
Posted: 7th Feb 2005 23:46 Edited at: 7th Feb 2005 23:51
dbGetTextureNonLocalVideoMemory() crashes my computer no matter where I call it. Not sure why. All I know is that its the only 3D availability function that does it. And all I would need to do is use a try/catch block, but I would think (hope) that all the DGSDK functions would already do that. This is the error:

Unhandled exception at 0x005b0780 in Game.exe: 0xC00000FD: Stack overflow.

My system specs are:
Windows XP Pro
1.6GHz P4
ATI 9600XT

Oh and much of the documentation for the 3D availability functions do not match the header file.
OSX Using Happy Dude
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Joined: 21st Aug 2003
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Posted: 8th Feb 2005 02:44
Crashes here too...

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Joined: 11th Sep 2002
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Posted: 8th Feb 2005 20:55
The standard C++ exception mechanism will not catch this type of machine exception. You need to use the MS exception handling system instead.

I would put an example up, but there's a perfectly good one in the Visual Studio docs. Just search for __try, __except and __finally (each of those have 2 underscore characters).

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billy the kid
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Joined: 7th Dec 2004
Posted: 9th Feb 2005 03:39
Ok thanks. I dont plan on catching the exception though. Ill just wait till its fixed to use the function.

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