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Dark GDK / Is there any way to get at a EDITED sprite surface?

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Posted: 17th Feb 2005 02:45

My current mission: to paste one image into another image using a function taking parameters for rotation and size etc.

I wrote my own function from scratch, it actually kind of works (i use a 2d transformation matrix to rotate the source image etc) and paste it all using memblocks. But there are a few errors for me to sort out and tbh its really not fast enough.. ok on small images but large images REALLY die out slowly.
I even tried just calculating the start and end points of each line in the source image and using breshams to paste them out fast to the destination.. it was actually the exact same fps :x

It occurs to me that what i REALLY want is a paste sprite in image command. So i can just rotate/strech/whatever a sprite and paste that direct to the destination. Obviously there is no such command native to dbp/darksdk - so what would you guys recommend as the best solution to this? Is there some pointer i grab to a sprite AFTER calling rotation commands etc to grab the already changed source data and memcopy it over to my dest image? Or anyway to override paste sprite's destination image?

I do have a suspicion that rotate sprite etc probably dont perform images translations as soon as they are called but instead setup vars/structs etc telling paste sprite what to do when its called.. if thats the case then I may be asking the impossiable :/

Any suggestions appreichated!

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