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Dark GDK / ok, is there a list of things that are KNOWN to be broken?

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Joined: 10th Oct 2002
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Posted: 18th Feb 2005 01:25
I have to admit i'm in two minds about the SDK. On one side I love it, the library intergrated right into my existing source with ultimate ease and no frustration and has taken alot of work off my shoulders with its awesome command set.

On the otherside, I keep finding broken stuff and I never know if its my code or the sdk that is broken which is making debugging and devlopment a right pain in the ass.

I would really like a list of commands that are known to be broken at this moment in time, so I can avoid them until the next sdk update. Does one exist? If not, can we please start compiling a list in this post?

It will let me look at what to avoid and get on with writing code that only uses working commands and will hopfully make my days less stressful.

So far I have found sprite width/height appear to not work (for most people they return 1? for me it returned the screen height and width, go figure)
Sprite collision appears to not work at all which is a big pain.
and I have just discovered (after a whole DAY of frustration) that apprantly the sound commands dont work? I thought it was me because I was doing a slightly more complex operation where I had a wav already in the ram and wanted to load it from there (i wrote the data from the ram into a memblock and called a dbMakeSoundFromMemblock() command) but was getting a huge memory leak when trying to call dbPlaySound() - but I just wrote this test application:

and as soon as you press spacebar you get an unhandled exception. Yes the wav definatly exists.

So, anything else broken I should know about? It really would make my days go by a little smoother.

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Posted: 18th Feb 2005 02:42
No, I dont get the crashing when the space bar is pressed, although I have found that if you try to use a 4Mb WAV, DarkSDK will crash.

As for bugs found in said package - there isn't an official one per se, although I might start creating one over the weekend.

I do hope Mike hurries up and fixes these bugs

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