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FPSC Classic Scripts / FPI Maker 0.2 Ready

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Joined: 18th Feb 2005
Location: San Diego CA, USA
Posted: 23rd Feb 2005 21:26
Hey all,

FPI Maker 0.2 is uploaded and ready for some beta testing. Go get it here:


Thanks to everyone who helped beta test version 0.1. I was able to fix all the bugs reported with that version. Version 0.2 adds several new features; it now has line numbering, a reference browser to help build commands or just look up what a command does, a resource browser so you don't have to manually type in the path to your resource file, and you can now change the syntax colors to whatever you want. I've included the change log from the readme to show all changes. I also forgot to mention in the readme that double clicking on the validator message will highlight the line of code in the editor that contains the error.

2/23/2005 Version 0.2 Alpha
- Added line numbering
- Added Edit menu
- Added Reference Browser (Ctrl + R while in the editor)
- Added Resource Browser (Ctrl + B while in the editor)
- Added Settings dialog
- Added .fpi file association
- Added support multiple undocumented commands
- Added a Save/Save as.../File has changed system
- Added an experimental Undo feature (may not work all the time)
- Added code completion when hitting the "=" key
- Fixed Ctrl + V bug in editor
- Fixed Validator checking for extra conditions
- Fixed all (hopefully) false validation errors when validating the pre defined scripts
- Tweaked the editor for smoother editing
- Updated Reference file to include all undocumented commands found so far and fixed some invalid entries
- Users can now change syntax highlighting colors
- Multiple fixes for minor bugs

Please post all bugs here or email them to me and since I think I've coded all the hard things, feel free to post any enhancements, additions, changes, etc that you would like to see in the next version. Enjoy.

Digital Sin
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Joined: 11th Feb 2005
Location: NY, NY USA
Posted: 23rd Feb 2005 22:59
Looking very nice, keep up the great work!

Freddy 007
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Joined: 30th Nov 2004
Location: Denmark
Posted: 23rd Feb 2005 23:10 Edited at: 23rd Feb 2005 23:12
For some reason I can't get it to install... I download it, runs the EXE, and an error pops up.

[Edit] I figured out that I might be missing the .NET framework...

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æ ø å
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Joined: 18th Feb 2005
Location: San Diego CA, USA
Posted: 23rd Feb 2005 23:13
Digital Sin:

KLU 007
Sounds like you don't have the .NET 1.1 Framework installed. Sorry I forgot to add a link to it in the post, you can get it here:

Let me know if that does not fix the error.
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Joined: 25th Sep 2004
Location: Cyberspace
Posted: 27th Feb 2005 19:29
just a small question - did you make the syntax highlighting yourself and if so where did you find how to do it?

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Joined: 18th Feb 2005
Location: San Diego CA, USA
Posted: 28th Feb 2005 03:44
Yes, I made the syntax highlighting myself. I learned how to do it from a class I took in college. If you do a google search for "rich text box syntax highlighting", you should be able to find a couple of examples on how to do it.

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