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FPSC Classic Scripts / Who wants to beta test FPI Maker 0.3?

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Joined: 18th Feb 2005
Location: San Diego CA, USA
Posted: 1st Mar 2005 16:26 Edited at: 2nd Mar 2005 14:40
This version is a complete recode so I do expect bugs to pop up. If anyone wants to help me find all the bugs, download version 0.3 here:

You will need the .NET Framework 1.1 runtime to use FPI Maker, you can get that here:

The highlights for this version are the new GUI, the enhanced text editor, and the ability to edit multiple scripts at the same time. I still have A LOT of things that I want to add but I don't want to get too ahead of myself and have to deal with a ton of bugs later on. Enjoy.


[EDIT: There is a random bug that is preventing some people from saving their FPI scripts, I'm looking into this and will post a fix ASAP. Sorry for any problems this has caused.]

[EDIT 2: Sorry but I have decided to take this download down. The very nasty save bug is part of a bigger problem so instead of causing everyone a headache from using this version, I'm going to hustle and get the next version ready. I could really use some beta testers to help test the releases before I release them to the public, if anyone is interested and willing to test without releasing anything to the public, please email me. Thanks.]
Digital Sin
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Joined: 11th Feb 2005
Location: NY, NY USA
Posted: 2nd Mar 2005 05:51 Edited at: 2nd Mar 2005 06:02
Looking very very good Ruben! I've released the source for FPI Editor if you can find anything in that mess of code to aid in your effort with FPI Maker. I think we're duplicating our efforts a bit, so maybe they can be integrated and become one damn sexy FPI development tool.


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Joined: 16th Nov 2004
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Posted: 2nd Mar 2005 07:47

Feel free to submit your beta version to fpscreators if you want to.


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Joined: 18th Feb 2005
Location: San Diego CA, USA
Posted: 2nd Mar 2005 10:14 Edited at: 2nd Mar 2005 10:14
Digital Sin:
Thanks for your comment and for releasing the source for your tool. I'll take some time to look over the code to see what can be merged. I really like the NetXP components you used. I might switch from SandBar/SandDock to those once I try them out some more. Your code will be very helpful for a switch like that.

FPS Creators:
I would submit it to your site right now but I think I want to wait for the next release before I start asking for mirrors. This release is kinda buggy. I'll upload version 0.4 for sure once I get it done.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me a bug report, I'm already hard at work fixing all those bugs for the next release. I'll be introducing a new feature that will allow you to edit FPI scripts with variable names for the state values. The idea behind this is that you will have a variable declaration section, that will show up as comments in the fpi script, and FPI Maker will automatically change all the state values to thier corresponding variable names. So for example:


will be shown as:


with a variable declaration section of:
;End Declare

the script will save with the numbers and will only show up as variable names when loaded into FPI Maker so FPS Creator will have no
problems running the script. I hope to have this implemented by the next release. I'm also thinking about adding support for "projects", does anyone think that would be useful?


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