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FPSC Classic Scripts / FPI Editor Source Code

Digital Sin
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Joined: 11th Feb 2005
Location: NY, NY USA
Posted: 2nd Mar 2005 05:59
Hey Guys,

I will be away on business for the next 5 weeks and will not have time to work on FPI Editor. I also think there is a lot of duplicate effort going on with FPI Editor and FPI Maker. And finally, I have a new baby at home and am getting about 2 hours of sleep on average

I'm going to go ahead and release the source for the latest version of FPI Editor for anyone who wants to benefit academically from it. It's not terribly pretty but anyone with a working knowledge of VB.NET should be able to find their way through.

Cheers, and I hope it provides some level of help to someone be it a learning experience or a new extension on the existing code base.


-Keith AKA DigitalSin


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