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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Maya models exporting ? How to?

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Joined: 20th Apr 2005
Posted: 20th Apr 2005 22:46

Can someone explain to me which file format i would need to save a 3d model " a barrel or just random object for the map " using maya so i can import my 3d model into fpsc? I know you need the texture file with it in the same directory from what i see and then the model file. Do i need a exporter? converter lol not to sure.. Sorry i know this may be somthing simple i'am over looking but i been up for over 20 hours and im wore out and very tired..

Also can you import models into the trial package?Either way i'am getting the EA tomorrow but just wanted to start getting this going befor hand while i wait.

Thank you,

Shadow Angel
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Joined: 28th Oct 2004
Posted: 15th May 2005 22:32 Edited at: 15th May 2005 23:11
You will have to save it into an .X format

Thank you for wasting our time, you evil monster

P.S. Could have looked in the manual


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