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FPSC Classic Models and Media / craked glass and buttle hole any one.

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Joined: 28th Nov 2002
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Posted: 7th Jun 2005 03:43
Hi all,

Making a demo for the transparency command, is there some code that can emulate a bullet hitting glass, not the moving of a bullet but the look of the glass after its been hit.

1st image a nick in the glass
2nd image starting to crack
3rd image hole in glass
4th image it gone just sharp egdes.

looking for away to do the above so that I can grab them to make into textures, do not really want to have any media to load in.

I'm not getting you down am I, Ho Look! another fancy Door?
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Posted: 9th Jun 2005 08:37 Edited at: 9th Jun 2005 08:50
Yes Merranvo is correct - Decal is the way to go.

Look at the script for the teleporter to see how the decals work and how your texture could be made up. A number of files are involved.

If your glass is not freestanding. i.e. its window glass or similar - you will obviously need to use a copy of a default window or make up your own and in the correct script for it add the decal addition info.

By looking at both default window and teleporter scripts you will be able to see how you need to combine or reference the various components.

You can easily apply your effect to a freestanding glass object say by simply using an entity of your choosing and using its script combining the decal script stuff in its correct location. Again a number of files are needed. Studying those above will show you how it need be set up.

This method I use to place an almost full size wall forcefield across an opening.

Of course I guess you could make up your own single script and component file if you are clever enough - I just stick to using copies of default set ups and amending accordingly when experimenting - less to go wrong.

Your only problem I see is how you would retain glass pieces in an opening when using a default glass model as FPSC does not do this by default. Not sure if you could achieve such a realistic effect using the decal alone though if you try it it may look OK.

Alternatively you may have no option other than to make up a glass model that has just pieces remaining on frame 2 of a 2 frame animated model - and scripted in its "dissapear" script to stop on the last frame = 2, removing the decal completely. That would be realistic and the additional frame would make little difference to file size.

One way or another it can be done.

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