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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Yucky ?bugs? in demo

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Joined: 30th Sep 2002
Posted: 1st Oct 2002 01:21
I am pretty new to serious programming, so please bear with me. Using the Dark Basic Pro demo, I've successfully
created basic text and have also messed around with variables. In addition, I've succeeded in loading an .X file 3D object and even adjusted some of it's size parameters.

But I am getting some serious problems, it seems, with just about everything else. I get an error when I try to load a .BMP image, and an .mp3 music file. The RUN program gives me the error "Runtime error 506 - Could not load image at Line 1" or the equivalent with the music.
I'm not advanced enough to know if it makes a difference, but I have loaded the image as a media in the project manager.

In addition, when I tried to execute the sample 3D head file, the RUN program crashes (with an "encountered error, need to close" error message)
These problems are reproducible, and I have taken into account a suggestion in the forum for adjusting the color scheme of my monitor (to either 16 bit or 32 bit)

I am using Windows XP Home Ed. on a P4, 1.8 Ghz machine.

If I can get DBPro to work on my computer I definitely will consider purchasing it. I will be grateful if any of you users can help me with my problem. Or at least troubleshooting suggestions.
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Joined: 10th Oct 2002
Posted: 12th Oct 2002 10:00
buggy demos...

I remember d/ling the 1.08 demo and then buying the 1.13 version online, and never being told that it was actually 1.08 and required 3 patch files to upgrade it. Duh. I already had 1.08. The DB site said that the purchased d/l HAD to be d/led because it was a special copy, yet the 1.08 demo I had is the same as the new 1.08 I d/led which posed as 1.13. Both ask for a reg# and both are exactly the same size files.

anyway, my point is... no bug patches have been done as far as I can tell, just a feature upgrade.?? who knows. the DB web site is short to explain a LOT of things except for the message "$55 DarkBASIC, $99 DBPro". Don't get me wrong though, these are awesome products when we know how things work and if they are going to work.

So I am wondering this: if I buy the DBPro CD, will it require me to go to their web site and spend MY time d/ling the bug patches?, or will they be included AS THEY SHOULD in their distro disc(s). This is a must for software producers. You just don't hand somebody a buggy program for $99 and say... "now, you need to redownload most of the code from our web site to get rid of the bugs". Also, why buy the CD if it's just as buggy as the online d/l, and you're going to need to d/l patches anyway.

And from what I'm hearing a bug fix #2 might be coming? At any rate, I don't think DBPro was ready to release, so I'm not buying it yet. Let them get their BETA testing out of the way before paying $99. Who can jump quicker, the salesman, or the customer?

I'm a customer of DB 1.13 and feel like I deserve bug fixes and not have my product discontinued SO SOON, just so something on the front burner can have all the priority. Makes me wonder if buggy DBPro will be replaced soon with buggy "DBUltra".

my 2 cents, dedicated DB customer, love it but concerned

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Joined: 27th Sep 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 12th Oct 2002 13:23
I think the main reason to make DBPro was for a proper compiler. This requires a complete rewrite of the entire engine from scratch, which is why they couldn't just patch, and also means a whole lot of new bugs sneak in. People were pressuring them for DBPro, so they released it, now they have a much larger group finding bugs. They're concentrating on DBPro right now because they can only concentrate on one thing at a time and it has more problems. There is nothing left so integrated to upgrade, now, so "DBUltra" would have nothing over DBPro. From now on, they can patch, and once the first batch of CDs are all sold, I would expect them to ensure the second batch has the patches on it.

System Specs: AMD Athlon 1700+ XP, GA-7VRX motherboard, 128MB DDR RAM, GeForce2 MX400 64MB VRAM

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