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Newcomers DBPro Corner / INK command?

The Goat Ass!
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Joined: 30th Sep 2002
Posted: 1st Oct 2002 03:03
so...I am drawing a couple of 2D primitives. A line and a circle.

I call the "INK" command above both prims but only the line takes the color.

Does "INK" need to be called per element. The documentation makes it sound like I don't have to.

Thanks for any help!
Pure Pessimist
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Joined: 2nd Oct 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 3rd Oct 2002 11:39
No its only to tell darkbasic pro that the code below will be using the ink method

The glass is half empty !
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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 3rd Oct 2002 16:10
There are some mis-diagnosed features in the INK command...

Yes, I really am THAT good...

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