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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Are the included models good?

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Joined: 2nd Jun 2004
Location: arizona
Posted: 25th Jun 2005 08:18
I was just wondering becusae i was thinking of buying FPSC to use the models it has in DBPRO.thx!

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Joined: 14th Jun 2005
Posted: 25th Jun 2005 09:15
The included models are well done. It just depends what you want to do with them. Although DBPRO is great for 3D and what not, you may want to wait until v1 of FPSCreator comes out. If your looking for just models anyways, I recommend DarkMATTER, 1,2 I even think theres a three. They have some great proffessional looking models.
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Joined: 14th Jun 2005
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Posted: 25th Jun 2005 15:37
a few of the fpsc models come with dbpro...the colx guy and some others

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