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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Fence Pack 1: We're working on it!

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Joined: 16th Sep 2005
Location: greenville, sc usa
Posted: 26th Sep 2005 22:25
Hi. I guess you have figured out that fpsc is my newest favorite app, along with fragmotion, milkshape, and hexagon.
Here is the first part of the fence pack. We will try to have at least 2 texture sets, and 8 individual pieces.

Feedback is welcome.


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Joined: 29th Jul 2005
Location: In a box
Posted: 27th Sep 2005 03:17
It is looking good. And I was also wondering if you could make a tall fence with barbed wire at the top like a jail type fence and a blockade or whatever you call it. BTW, will it be free and can we use it in a commercial game royalty free?

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