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FPSC Classic Models and Media / syndicate / american revolt remake

ono doken
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Joined: 27th Sep 2005
Posted: 27th Sep 2005 20:35
First things first, Hi every body! i am new to this so it only polite to say hi !!

onto my point, i was browsing through some game remake site, and noticed there was no syndicate remake !!! this isnt good i thought! so i bought DBp (who can really be bothered with writing their own graphics / sound engines etc etc) so I plan to make a remake of syndicate and american revolt, the coding i can do, but i cant do the moddeling!!!

So what i need is some1 to do the grpahical side of things for me. This is a totally volunteer based project.... with plans to go onto further develop commerical products if this project is a success.

If any1 is interested in helping please mail me.


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