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Program Announcements / Dark Chip 8 Version 1.2

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Joined: 7th Oct 2002
Posted: 22nd Feb 2003 04:26
DarkChip 8 Version 1.2

You know... with all this talk about the retro competition going on I wonder if an emulator of a retro system like Chip 8 would be acceptable... hmm... maybe if I made it use 3D graphics heheh...

Anyways... here's the standard list of what I went and messed with on this release...

* XP screen flashing should be fixed.
* SuperChip Quit opcode implemented. Emulator will reset to menu if this opcode is called
* Implemented SuperChip scroll left and right 4 lines opcode.
* Tweaked the drawing routines in SuperChip mode.
* Fixed problems with vertical scrolling in some games.
* These Super Chip games are now playable.
Can you do that???
Why not?

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