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Joined: 4th Nov 2005
Posted: 4th Nov 2005 22:48
I thought of a way to make an ally in fpsc but need a little help from a programmer

for an ally you need the script to make it follow the player, or not go outside a certain distance from \"Entity_name\" and on spotting \"Diff_Entity_name\" calls \"shoot\"

The \"shoot\" fpi would need to make the charactershoot the \"Diff_entity_name\" but could include such things as finding cover and staying a constant distance away from grenades.

The theroy\'s sound but i just can\'t make the script work, i can make it follow the player but that\'s all.

I would reallt apperciate the help and i\'m sure loads of people would benifit from it, I will give credit to anyone who does it.

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